Point Blank Supernova

The Sun expanded into a huge giant red star
and pulverized the Earth whole into dust.
Jupiter drifted away and pulled
most of the known asteroids out of orbit.
We are all floundering out of orbit.

Rachel raced north next to the ICW
towards her favorite spot on Pompano Beach,
the place with the green peeling picnic table
and the marram grass scattered
all the way down to the brackish water.
She first made love lost amongst the sand dunes.
She lost her one true love somewhere in the dunes.

Charlie thought the invitation of a last meal
very fitting. Jesus Christ and the disciples
breaking bread above his father’s chair
at the far end of the table, Brussels sprouts
with bacon, Charlie got drunk
and offered a drunk toast to his old man,
may his old ghost burn eternally in hell,
and if not, if hell is but another one
of his elaborate lies, don’t know why
mother committed suicide, yeah right,
can’t pay another cent for college
because of the market crash, well then,
may his spirit alight ablaze
with the swelling of the Earth.

Rachel felt her hands floating
above the steering wheel
and she had to stop the car.
She made one last teary eyed call.
Her last day became gradually bright,
gradually light and then she stepped out.
One salmon colored espadrille was found
under the skid marks of the shuddering big rig.
The other still had the pineapple stitching intact.

On his way out through the garage,
Charlie thought fuck this and slit
three bags of fertilizer and threw
them in the pool. As the manure
settled and sank, he kicked over
a can of diesel, a can of unleaded
all around the Lexus, lit up a spliff
and walked back into the house
to finish off his Brussels sprouts
(with bacon) and to spread
marmalade on Wonder Bread.

On the day of the Apocalypse,
I was distracted at the drive-through,
paid for my meal, drove away,
then noticed my receipt.
Back inside the Mickey-D’s,
I asked why I was charged $6.88
for breakfast #4, which only costs $5.62.
“All the prices changed this morning.”
“Alright, but still, not how this works,
a customer only pays what is on the sign.”
“I know, I’m sorry, I understand.”
And as I walked out counting my
dollar twenty six
some dark shadow pointed
right at me
a shiny metallic stick.


About Rumrazor

Just a malcontent surviving in Los Angeles, working the news, writing the poetry, making the films.
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1 Response to Point Blank Supernova

  1. Ariel Marie says:

    I put my main comments on FB, but will sum it up here as a mosaic of materialism that Pratchett would likely enjoy xx

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