Elliot’s Hatred

Elliot boiled with hatred.
He took walks all around Canoga Park
feeling angry and hateful towards the world.
“I continued going on my usual long walks every day,
feeling angry and hateful towards the world.”

His parents separated and divorced.
He lived with his dad one week,
lived with his mother the other week.
His mother lived near the mall
and an internet café. At the mall,
Elliot would sit above couples holding hands.
He would seethe with jealousy,
all those couples holding hands.
At the internet café, he would play
internet games. His friends could never
beat him in the World of Warcraft.

“During mother’s week,
I would walk to the mall and sit
on the balcony overlooking the food court
next to the AMC theatres.”

“A beautiful environment is hell
if you have to experience it all alone.”

So many beautiful girls,
none of them gave him a chance.
Elliot did not understand
why girls were repulsed by him.
He did everything he could
to appear attractive to them.
He dressed nice.
He was sophisticated, magnificent.
Elliot had a nice car, a BMW.
He was polite, the ultimate gentleman.
Girls never gave him a chance
and he never knew why.

Elliot put forth effort into dressing nice.
He wore $300 dollar sunglasses!
Giorgio Armani!
Look at how fabulous he looked!

But beautiful blonde girls walked around
and paid no attention to Elliot,
beautiful girls in revealing shorts,
pretty faces making him feel unworthy.

This is such an injustice!
Elliot was magnificent and deserved
girls. He wasn’t like all those obnoxious
slobs kissing the girls. Elliot is gorgeous!

At Trader Joe’s,
Elliot was shopping alone
and miserable, always miserable,
when he was insulted
by the sight of two girls,
count them,
two girls kissing
and hanging on to a disgusting
looking loser.
Elliot had to suffer
the indignity of watching
other guys enjoy their lives
with beautiful girlfriends
at their sides.

Elliot could only imagine how amazing
their sex lives must have been
since he’d never had sex
or anything like that.

“[At the AMC theatres] I would see
all the young couples
lining up to see a movie,”

Elliot had a plan,
a plan to find out why
girls hated him so.

Shadow. Elliot became embroiled
in shadow boiled
in hatred.


About Rumrazor

Just a malcontent surviving in Los Angeles, working the news, writing the poetry, making the films.
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2 Responses to Elliot’s Hatred

  1. Ariel Marie says:

    Chilling, like a peephole into dementia. I have known people liek this, it ia disturbing and exactly like they think.

  2. rumrazor says:

    The poem was composed almost verbatim from this video:

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