Hannah’s Lizard

saves her life.

Hannah’s emotional support lizard is trained to see the signs and the symptoms and knows when to comfort Hannah.

Hannah’s lizard will be able to save her life before any human could or would.

Hannah’s lizard is doing better since he broke his back. He is walking around, loving life. Hannah loves life. She loves life and taking care of her lizards. Mister Chievous is joyful and a wonderful pet to have.

Hannah is still upset with her agent for not allowing her to bring her emotional support pet on set.

She can’t get the scripts she needs for her anxiety because they are not free anymore like the meds were in Georgia.

In Los Angeles, Hannah has to pay for everything.

She doesn’t like her agent telling her, no, she can’t bring her lizard to the sets in the Valley.

(Maybe the fluffer on set balked at the presence of the lizard. A risk of salmonella was possibly cited.)

(A rugby player swallowed a snail on a dare and died 7 years later of cerebral parasites.)

All shooting had to be stopped the day Hannah had to go to the E.R. She broke out with a rash that turned into hives.

Caravaggio was bitten by a lizard.

Hannah does not listen to the comments on the internet. Her stepfather is upset she has now engaged in interracial sex in her videos. This has generated rage on the internet. You have to live a happy life. If you don’t then you are sad and lonely.

Stay positive every day. Stay away from negativity.

Her mom was always a mom who cared for her yung’ones.

Hannah never talks dirty. Do not ask her to talk dirty.

Hannah was always (and still is) the wild child in her family.

Every relationship suffers from ups and downs, has highs and lows. Some days she gets paid what she wants to get paid and some days she feels underpaid at her job.

Money was raised through a social funding site so that Hannah could return home to Georgia. Some fans wanted her to stay in LA and shoot and some fans wanted her to return home to her family.

Hannah added the condition on her GoFundMe campaign that she will return home when she decides to return home.

When she went back home Hannah realized that the minimum hourly wage was $7.25 an hour.

Hannah made a decision. The decision was a hard decision to make but she had to make the decision.

Hannah hates doctors and medicine. Her anxiety medicine, she took that once a day. She would take her meds in the morning and the dosage would help her all throughout the day.

She has anxiety attacks to the point where she can’t control them and she does need something there to help her control her anxiety like she has in the past and now she has found another way which does help her.

Her lizard saves her life.

She can tell you from personal experience that a person cannot save her life. A person would actually panic before calling 911 to help her.

Hannah does smoke weed to also help her with her anxiety. She has a legal prescription.

The car accident was something serious, Hannah really thought she was about to lose her life.

Hannah’s mom actually loved her yung’ones more than she loved herself. She took care of all her yung’ones like she was supposed to and loved all of them.

GOOD NEWS! Hannah has a side project, a new business venture which she can’t really talk about until her website is up and operational but her business involves interior decorating.

Her first project was her room, to make her room more livable. Her second project will be her sister’s house back home.

People treat animal and people differently. If she can’t talk to her agent about this problem then she will talk to her fans about this problem on her 2th YouTube video.

Hannah is upset that other people bring their dogs or cats or any other animals on set.

A dog can bite anyone. A lizard will not bite unless you irritate the lizard to the point when the lizard will bite.

Dogs have mood swings. One minute the dog is happy, jumping around, running around. The next minute, the dog can be mean to people, can bite people, can hurt people.

Hannah turns off Mr. Chiveous’ day lamp at night and turns on his night lamp. He is trained to be in bed by 9pm at night. She turns on the day lamp at 8am in the morning.

Hannah’s lizard knows how to comfort her and keep her anxiety from getting worse.

But her agent told her no, she can’t bring her lizard or her pet, whatsoever, on set or to any shoot, not when she needs her pet or when she knows she will need her lizard.

FACT: Caravaggio would be so proud.

FACT: Hannah’s sister is a twin sister.


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