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Grand Guignol

The satellite truck fitted with 27 monitors drives the streets of these cities capturing moments of rigmarole. Reporters stand in front of cameras and wait for a countdown from the button pushers inside some production booth clockwatching like thieves hoping … Continue reading

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I lack many things. I am blind. My skin is uglier than Egil’s bones. My bones horrify the good James Paget. I’m led away from stadiums through vomitoriums. I forswear my faith and from faith, virtue, and placed in my … Continue reading

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The Rose and the Red

Overtures are made. Music happens. Blame Canadian Mist and Mountain Dew. Blame the mix not the brew. I sat there stretched out in cummerbund, the circular table overflowed, sweet buns, wedding cake, something thrown, bridesmaids dancing in high heels and … Continue reading

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Skin Tag (an Exaggeration)

The sun filled my ears if not my eyes and I remember squinting in paradise feeling the cloying warmth. This was on the Venice Beach boardwalk, on a crisp November morn, amber and comatose; in fact so wearisome, during a … Continue reading

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