I Will Pray For You

Someone got mad at me today.
A friend got angry.
I interacted with a friend
and my friend was upset.
Cold logic was involved.
Christianity as a topic was involved.
I said some things
then the person reacted
and said some things.

I know why you have never had children.
I am thankful you’ve never had children.
The children you have never had
should feel thankful they were never born
to you.

No wonder you could never keep a wife.
You are what? Twice divorced?
No surprise to me.
I bet you will never get married ever again.
Do you even date? Do you even have a dog?

If you’re so smart, why are you fat?
Don’t complain about diabetes
or back pain
if you can’t take the time to lose the weight.
You know what you have to do
so why don’t you do it?

You are so negative,
so condescending,
I don’t have to ask why
you live by yourself
in a dingy studio apartment
in the middle of godless Hollywood.
I saw the entrance to your place
on Google earth, what a dump
with a lofty name.

Such and such from high school
has always been a faithful god-fearing man
now he owns a dozen pain management centers
in Virginia and North and South Carolina
and devotes much of his time to charity work
and his company helped build the church
where he is now an elder.

The youth group from his church
just recently returned from Honduras
where they built bright new homes
for the natives and they donated clothes
and clean water to nourish poor starving children
in some village in Honduras.

What have you ever done for the children from
your graffiti tagged apartment with the ripped
window screen fixed with grey duck tape?

Here is a picture of the good Christian man
as he drives his convertible vintage roadster,
look at how his happiness dazzles down the road.
Even his horses in the spacious air conditioned
barn he owns on so many acres are fed, happy,
shiny, ecstatic. The horses can walk up to the fence
right next to his mansion and be fed by hand.
Look at this aerial view picture taken from
a Google earth satellite. This is his horse barn.
This is his goat field. This is his fish pond.
This is his pool in the shape of a guitar.
This is his family waving from the deck
of a cruise ship. Here they all fit in a Jacuzzi.
Beautiful, healthy white perfect smiles,
God has truly blessed them with success,
joy, and orthodontics.

Next month he will visit those starving kids
in Honduras. Why don’t you donate
and send him all those shirts and clothes
which no longer fit you?

I don’t know what happened in your life
to make you turn away from God
but I feel sorry for you and I feel sorry
for whatever has happened in your life.
I will pray for you.
I will pray that one day you realize
you don’t have all the answers
and that you need God in your life.
I can only pray that when you turn
back to God, and you will,
all sinners must face their maker,
I pray this moment does not come too late
for your salvation and that Jesus
graciously welcomes you back
into His arms.

Today I spoke online with a friend
I knew from long ago.
We debated religion.
Some chosen words were said
and added to other chosen words I have heard
from many family members and friends
whenever I’ve discussed outgrowing
my childhood indoctrination,
whenever I’ve discussed my
Christian deconversion.
One thing I know for certain, they will all
pray for me.

After I logged off,
I stared at the rip on my window screen
which I fixed with duck tape.
I laughed at the fact that I’ve hung
a defunct marriage certificate on my wall.
My computer and picture albums are full
of images of people who lied to me,
stabbed me in the back, stole from me,
colleagues who badmouthed me when
my previous employer was downsizing,
old girlfriends who cheated on me,
and a good friend I lost to Scientology
whose last words to me were
you are a suppressive personality,
get away from me.

I smiled a rue smile.
I still love them all.

I took a cardboard box and began filling
the box with my large and extra large t-shirts.
Those sizes are too small and no longer fit me.
I need to let them all go.


About Rumrazor

Just a malcontent surviving in Los Angeles, working the news, writing the poetry, making the films.
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2 Responses to I Will Pray For You

  1. Carlos says:

    Isolation by any other name, let them go, a rue smile, A real religion deals with the heart. It is after all is said and done a matter of the heart. Never let your heart get scared to the point that there is nothing to see except scared meat. Stone hearts can be turned back to flesh and scars removed. It is a matter of the heart not just imagination or poorly misconceived mini verses held in individual minds, Although they do help preconceptions oft times mistakes can be made and. that would mate it a Internalism. God if there is one is external and can deal with people’s misinterpretations , Your friend may be pushing a concept that is their favored kind of cool aid yours may be soured a bit and sugar is off your diet. Diabetic who knows better.. .

  2. Ariel Marie says:

    Religion is only useful for people who are uncomfortable with thinking for themselves. After all, there is so much work to learning and understanding. So much easier to have trashcans you can put people and things in that don’t fit their Hallmark scripts. The ones who expound and try to force and enforce their will on the lives of others. They are blind to the hypocrisy of the energy they apply negatively towards others, when they could apply it positively on improving themselves or making peace with the limits of self they should actually be in control of.

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