The Shirts You Wear

The body is not even cold and the opportunistic, profiteering vultures have swooped in to pick at his corpse. Almost as if this is their mentality: Bowie is dead so now how can I exploit this opportunity for my gain? How can I make Bowie’s death further my social justice agenda? This is their mentality. The social justice warriors with their social justice con artistry, they paint the town dead with nauseous gasses emanating from their open craws, Agent Orange you glad I came along to tell you what to think and how to think and how to grieve. Whom is worthy of mourning? Not White privileged rock stars who may or may not had sex with underage groupies back in the 60’s and 70’s. Not them. Not those white people. And Bowie was so painfully pale to these jackals. He even named one of his personae the Thin White Duke. How dare he?

No. I will not link to the webpage of the ridiculous Social Justice Warrior. I will not give her the added web traffic she craves. I will state that she calls herself “an expert” in her field though she is not even 30, maybe not even 25, and she has not finished her Master’s. Her field is “activism and presentation.” Her big brush with fame was once appearing on the Laura Ingraham Show for a debate “and surviving.” This is a Conservative radio show. Of course, the SJW has a face for radio.

So how does this SJW begin her smear on David Bowie? She begins her rant by talking first about herself: “Every other week, I co-lead an all-gender process and support group.” Oh what a good person. What a righteous gal. She co-leads and supports an all-gender process. If you need a more clear explication of what that means then my guess would be that she has a “gather around the circle” coffee and donuts get together to let people transitioning from one gender to another know how wonderful they are and how they should feel good about themselves. So the fact that she co-leads this group makes her an authority to wax self-righteously on Bowie’s shortcomings as a horrible pedophile and White privileged rapist.

But she doesn’t stop talking about herself at this point. In fact, she never stops talking about herself throughout her entire rant. “… yesterday is also when I found out about the rape allegations against him, that were cleared by a jury, but I also know that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and the facts of his statutory rape of a 14/15-year-old. And so my feed has also been ripe with explosive anger as well as nuanced discomfort, frustration, and exhaustion.”

So in her worldwide-gathered expertise, she knows better than a jury and is all so willing to believe the allegations of a washed up Hollywood 70’s groupie now in her mid-50’s whom, to hear the tell all, lost her virginity to Bowie at age 14, was more promiscuous than Sweet Connie, better looking than Pamela Des Barre, sultrier than Michele Overman. The groupie even has pictures of herself with Jimmy Page to prove her allegations. (Wait, is that the same outfit and even the same angle of the pic of Page with Des Barre?) I saw the documentary “Let’s Spend the Night Together” on VH-1 (since they have the documentary on constant repeat.) This underage groupie was never mentioned once. But never mind ALL THAT. The important part of the rant is the tone and attitude that Bowie has already been convicted as a child rapist in this “expert’s” fantastical mind and her “feed”- let me repeat- her “feed” not “her“- has been “ripe” with “explosive anger, nuanced discomfort, frustration, and exhaustion.” Yes, this SJW is exhausted from thinking about all those underage groupies who flung themselves at Bowie and Jagger and Page and were found naked and waiting in their beds possibly already spread-legged and wet. The SJW is totally exhausted thinking about this. Picturing underage girls all naked and fucking rock stars, this exhausts her, these thoughts, so she has to write about it and tell us how exhausted she feels.

“So what am I, a gender/queer Latinx, supposed to feel and do about this cultural icon?” ANSWER: Stick the allegations up your ass. Have you ever heard of due process? Even the dead are innocent until proven guilty. Whatever can be conjured up in your deluded mind without evidence can be equally dismissed prima facie without evidence.

Latinx? Where have I heard this term before? Oh from our illustrious and fully venerated Los Angeles Poet Laureate, Luis J. Rodriguez: “I am using the term Latinx to cover both male and female genders (Latinos and Latinas), but also the shifting non-binary transgender, transsexual, and other manifestations of our human existence. Unfortunately, a significant section of our society is still kicking and screaming to understand how fluid and marvelous our full humanity really is. Latinx are no exception. I personally don’t use terms like “Hispanic” and rarely Latino. They only describe the colonial/conquests aspects of history. Since the 60s, I’ve called myself Xicano, U.S. born, politically active and arts engaged, whose parents were born and raised in Mexico. But this term doesn’t resonate with many of my own background. As for native tribes, I’m Mexika/Raramuri (my father born in a traditionally Nahuatl-speaking area of Guerrero, and my mother from the Raramuri-area of Chihuahua). But, of course, I also have Spanish and whatever African my Guerrero roots draw from (many African slaves were brought into the state; Guerrero was named after the first African-descended president, in 1829, of Mexico). If this sounds complicated, it is. Latinx cannot be boxed into any old demographic.”


Latinx. “… I’m no homogenized, non-historical, non-political or non-cultural person. I’m actively involved in environmental justice, social justice, economic justice, and peace in the world as well as home.”

Fuck me. Bad writers of the world unite! Forget literary quality, fuck that noise! Let all our mindless diarrhea prove how non-homogenized, non-historical, and non-cultural we are not! Look at all my activities! This proves how great a writer I am and, by extension, a great person!

As a bad writer myself and a Latin-o, I am so inspired I think I will write a poem:

How can a very special snowflake
break away from all other special snowflakes
and prove that this special snowflake
is more special
than any other special snowflake?
Oh I know. Latinx.
Now if only I could figure out
how I can prove that this Latinx
is more special
than all other Latinxers?
Oh I know. Fuck Bowie.

To quote Bowie right back them: “Is it any wonder I reject you first?”

Ok. I’m done. The rest of the rant is not even worth mentioning. The SJW thinks that by stoking controversy she will create discussion on her pet social justice projects. Throughout her rant she sprinkles key terms which mean nothing such as “intersectionality” and “in this space” and “White supremacy.” She thinks these terms, which she learned at Brown University diversity courses, have any link to Bowie’s death. This quote made laugh: “Are we critiquing how, due to ignorance and White supremacy, many mourn the loss of a White star and ignore the losses of countless people of color at the hands of police brutality?” Key words. Key words clanging written only to bring the mindless Pavlovian social justice dogs a-salivating.

What the fuck does police brutality have to do with the fact that Bowie died of liver cancer is fuck all to me. Makes no sense. This is the social justice scam, the con game, say and do anything to bring attention to yourself and your self-righteous agenda, all in the name of money. Yes, money. Did I tell you this person has a press and media page? To wit: “Have an inquiry, want to do an interview, and/or need someone with expertise? Contact me!” Some of the topics this person is an expert on is “polyamory, kink and BDSM, use of technology and social media for activism,” (watch out! She might hash tag the internet outrage robot army and send them out after you!) and, last but not least, “sexual pleasure.” I shit you not. Sexual pleasure. She will speak on sexual pleasure for a fee. Chew on that vomit you just regurgitated up for a moment.

Meanwhile, Bowie is dead and we are sadder by the day. The Social Justice Warriors dance in glee all around his coffin. They dance in glee in the name of their social justice agendas and they fuck up everything they touch. They touch something and it goes to fuck. They just love putting their finger of fuck on anything and everything. They don’t give a fuck. They see people enjoying something good and pure and they have to put their finger of fuck-this on it. They have to ruin everything for everybody. This is the only way they know how to be heard, fucking things up, so they will try, as hard as they might, to fuck everything up. Don’t let them fuck up your grief at Bowie’s passing. Don’t let them fuck with your memories and your love for the music that David Bowie left behind. Don’t let them fuck up Bowie’s legacy.

The cover for today is the band Passenger doing a cover of David Bowie’s first hit song, “Space Oddity.” Enjoy and remember.

Original song:


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