The One I Love

Don’t bite I said
biting is base
she turned her back to me
sat on side of bed
kicked her legs out tiny tantrum
channel on MTV changed got louder
she hummed a song she liked
sang she half-knew the words
we made out wet saliva
I turned my head
really sought her lips out
kissed them sucked them
she smiled stuck out her tongue
licked my lips I let her
I stared into her pouty
pushed harder into her mouth
with my mouth she sat up again
said no no huh huh naw no no way
time passed on tv was on
some movie
Netflix movie
fan twirled overhead
she stretched
took off her shorts
she naked underneath
keenly I already knew
she asked if I liked her ass
she writhes on bed
I told her I loved her ass
she looked angrily
how much do you love my ass
I said her ass is awesome
her ass is best
she has one hell sexy ass
I want to fuck her ass
she screams pounds on pillows
her fists tiny tiny fists
did leg tantrum kick again
confused I would not fuck her ass
only fuck her from behind promise
she exhausted breathing shallow
I thought she fell asleep
she stretched again looked at me
cunningly cuntishly
asked do you like my ass smiled
innocent not innocent
grabbed me kissed me bit me
I rubbed her ass she stuck knee between my legs
pressed nipples against me
breathed over bit my ear
hard don’t bite
base I whispered softer
I tried convincing her
hey baby I love your ass
I love everything about your ass
your ass really turns me on
I rubbed her ass reached between her legs
parted thick pubic hair from behind
dipped tip of my fingers in
she arched her back no
kicked legs bounced on bed
yelled grunt never gonna happen
never ever gonna happen
slap my hand slapped my face away
scratch claw.

Las Fajitas
we sat outside she could vape
hot as blazes sunglasses reflection
two sips strawberry margarita
threw up down side of balcony
right when they brought entrees
paid I don’t know forty bucks
left food on table
starved stopped at Sonic
she insisted on a Coney
you’re too drunk to eat honey
I’ll be hungry later.

Redbox movie
all I want to do sweetie
watch this with you
already return overdue
The One I Love
about fighting couple
couple who are fighting
go cabin up in the woods
mountains nature
fix their relationship
meet their doppelgangers
their doubles something
their twin selves
no not a horror a romance
you will love this film
already tried watching twice
got sick yesterday
I slept on recliner
you passed out I took shower
somehow gum in my hair.

She moans now
torturous sleep
sleep nightmares
guttural low moans
distortion discomfort
restless leg syndrome
she twists in bed twister
I shrink make myself small
stay long I can stand
watching her
she guards her mons venus
she will wrench
thrash twist diagonally
pushing me out
her sweat
vodka breath sweat
get out get out get out
head butt butt heads
sit up push me
flop down moan
dry heave
sleep burp moan.

Some nights
I sleep on the couch
I sleep on the floor.


About Rumrazor

Just a malcontent surviving in Los Angeles, working the news, writing the poetry, making the films.
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