Apryl Skies – “a capella”

a cappella

there is a page I continue to turn to
where a southern pacific marine layer
dissipates over a valley horizon.

angels are imagined but fall hard
despite such hopeful wings.
there is eye contact over whiskey and wine,
a cappella rendition of song few have heard.

time releases a universal pause,
music is made, art adored and
poetry perceived in an empty glass
on a lacquered, oak wood bar.

he knows the exact shade of her eyes, she his
she is reminded of clouds
over the slow flame of Leonard Cohen,
the blue burn of Coltrane and Armstrong.

a thing of alchemy here in this darkened room,

absorbing the sunshine of each other’s bones.


BIO:  Apryl Skies, an LA native, shares a birthday with Anaïs Nin, W.H. Auden and the emotive Nina Simone. She is an award-winning author of A Song Beneath Silence and Skye the Troll & Other Fairy Tales for Children. The latter, Skye the Troll has been adapted to clay animation, winning the 2010 Gold Pixie award by the American Pixel Academy. Skies is founder and editor of Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House of Sherman Oaks and with several titles hitting the number one best-sellers list for Amazon, she is currently building solid momentum in the publishing industry. Skies expresses her devotion to the written & spoken word with a quiet intensity; a superbly visual and telling writer, whose work holds merit among authors both classic and new. Skies work has been published in the U.S., Ireland, Canada, Australia, U.K., Spain & France. Skies is currently studying Irish Gaelic, Italian and Spanish. Several of her poems have recently been translated into Spanish.


*Editor’s Notes:

Form is in the beauty is in the form.  A quick way to recognize and differentiate poetry from prose is in the change of conventions as learnt,  no capitalization, chosen punctuation, lines long enough for only a full breath of mental vocalization.  Also, a poet must craft with a delicate artistry, place specific words with X-acto knife pen precision.  On top of that, the poet must incorporate sound, meter, and thought into a flowing cadence of impacted meaning.  Apryl Skies weaves all these elements masterfully in the above poem.

First stanza establishes locale as inspiration and grabs the reader’s attention.  Second stanza elaborates while simultaneously condenses into specifics.  Poets please learn this technique as exemplified:  Elaboration is specification! We know where we are, we know what is happening, we are being inundated by feelings invoked.  Poetry rarely works as well as this.

Third stanza is about the memory made and the reason the scene is worth poetry.  This stanza is also a perfect transition into the significant intention for the writer.

Love, affection, connection, communicating with another human and letting the world know this human is important to me is, possibly, one of the most important functions of poetry.  Revealing what is hard to convey in a beautiful manner augments exponentially a writer’s depth of feeling.  The last two stanzas bring this point home.  The ending couplet being the indelible exclamation mark binding the writer to her subject and beautifully done.  Form is in the beauty is in the form.


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